At the end of June 2022, the team of Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG and Baumer of Amercia Inc. presented an innovation to the market. At Foam Expo North America the new Contour V-blade, a vertical contour cutting machine, was introduced to all guests. According to the company, more than two years ago, in April 2020, the process of developing a new Bäumer contour cutter started. After an intense phase of testing and improving, the first prototype of the Contour V-blade was built at the end of 2020 at Baumer of America in New Jersey. The decision on using the Contour V-blade to present the new design and the renaming of the products led to one of the biggest launches that Bäumer announced within the last few years, said the company.

At the beginning of 2022 Bäumer installed the first Contour V-blade machine at a German customer, who purposely stretched the machine to its limits and gave valuable feedback to the development team. The machine is said to be faster than any other Bäumer machine has ever been before. Compared to its successor the cutting speed increased from 80 to 100 meters per minute. It also comes with a high-speed acceleration of 5 meters per square second. These two features raise the productivity of manufacturers up to a new performance level. At the same time the Contour V-blade provides minimal tolerances. Very precise and accurate cutting of small-scaled details can be ensured by the revised 360° knife turning unit. In addition, the machines knife guiding received a major update in order to provide a longer lifetime for serrated or smooth knives, said Bäumer.

According to the manufacturer, the Contour V-blade was created with a smart design and functionality with many major benefits for foam processing manufacturers. The machine’s design allows fast and time efficient service. Changing the knife can now be done in much less time than previously needed in the OFS-VS. The LED-feature on the top of the machine gives information on the cutting status of the current job, anytime. By using a countdown-system the machine operator is informed on the remaining cutting time visible from anywhere in the machine hall. Instead of the previously utilized beacon system the Contour V-blade is now illuminating smart LED strips at the two towers of the machine to inform the operator about its status, i.e. ready, operating or in need of maintenance.

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