FRX Polymers Inc., a specialist in polymeric halogen-free flame retardant solutions, has announced that its Nofia branded flame retardants have earned ChemForward’s Safer designation. ChemForward is a leader in creating broad access to chemical hazard data and safer alternatives, and has expanded its Safer program to include raw materials used in the electronics sector.

In an effort to accelerate proactive selection of safer chemistry, Apple and Google in partnership with ChemForward recently announced the availability of a comprehensive set of chemical hazard assessments for phosphorus-based and other non-halogenated flame retardants used in electronics. The effort was designed to create transparency and a chemical hazard knowledge database that will enable the value chain to select safer alternatives.

While the assessments were sponsored by Apple and Google, this shared dataset enabled FRX, and initially one other FR producer, to use existing chemical hazard assessments already populated in the ChemForward platform to rapidly and cost-effectively assess their trade name products.

According to Marc Lebel, President and CEO of FRX Polymers, the designation further strengthens FRX Polymers’ position as the globally recognized leader in environmentally sustainable polymeric, non-halogenated flame retardants for a range of consumer and industrial products and applications including electronics. It also answers the question “What will be the alternative if I instruct suppliers not to use a certain flame retardant, or a class of flame retardants?” “The Safer designation provides a simple, transparent answer to this question, based on hazard information produced by methodologies recognized by regulatory bodies around the world,” said Lebel. “This is the surest way to avoid the risk of regrettable substitution.”

Commenting on the ChemForward program, Art Fong, Environmental Technologies Smarter Chemistry Lead at Apple explained, “We’re proactive in promoting the use of safer materials and chemicals. This work extends beyond our products, as we push for a global transition to materials that are safer to use and reuse.” Fong added: “Our collaboration with ChemForward has resulted in an easy-to-use knowledge database of authoritative chemical hazard assessments that will help product and design engineers select materials to develop the next generation of innovative electronic products, and empower our suppliers to not only meet our safety requirements, but also to find alternatives that are safer, are better for the environment, and deliver the performance we need.”

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