The Austrian company Getzner Werkstoffe, a specialist in the field of vibration isolation, announced the launch of a whole range of customer-oriented product innovations for the sustainable expansion and modernisation of railways. These include a new Under Sleeper Pad for heavy loads, a specially developed Under Ballast Mat for the protection of the ballast as well as innovations in vibration isolation. According to the company, efforts in the field of research and development are further intensified. A particular focus lies on digitalisation.

“In the rail sector, we are experiencing strong global demand for the expansion and renovation of rail connections. Our newly developed products and services, tailored to market needs, support users in ensuring safety, avoiding problems, and saving money at the same time,” said Jürgen Rainalter, Managing Director of Getzner Werkstoffe.

In the area of “Superstructure Protection”, Getzner has expanded its product portfolio with the SLB 7000 Under Sleeper Pad for heavy haul. The Under Sleeper Pad is said to guarantee customers high savings thanks to its extreme resistance and very good ballast bed. Rainalter said: „The SLB 7000 with Sylomer is the world’s strongest Under Sleeper Pad in heavy haul – even doubling the load cycles prescribed by the testing standard leaves this virtually indestructible material unimpressed.“ Getzner also offers tailor-made solutions for critical areas such as turnouts.

Another novelty is the Under Ballast Mat PM 607 for the protection of the ballast and the superstructure. “Thanks to our in-house chemical expertise, we are able to make even better use of the materials‘ performance and thus produce in a more resource-efficient way. The new products are of high quality, safe and durable,” said Rainalter.

The company is also on the innovation track when it comes to vibration isolation. Regarding the new Under Ballast Mat D 1019 NG, the excellent performance has been further improved, and the product is easier to transport and install. Through chemical optimisation, the use of resources has been streamlined and the ecological footprint reduced.

In addition to vibrations, noise is a burden on people and the environment as well. In order to minimise noise in the railway sector, the company wants to break new ground – because in times of urbanisation and dynamic mobility, solutions for a liveable future are particularly important. With the high-tech materials developed at the company headquarters in Bürs, which are used, for example, in the various mass-spring systems, Getzner Werkstoffe is already reducing secondary airborne noise. In certain application areas and in cooperation with partners, the company said it is determined to step up the fight against primary airborne noise.

In various areas, the R&D specialists at Getzner Werkstoffe work on digitalisation. For example, a Sensor Sleeper is being developed. A pressure sensor is attached to the sleeper and supplies data in real time. This patented digital technology makes it possible to measure a critical interface directly and from any location with unprecedented accuracy and to monitor the condition of the superstructure. This technology is also included as a prototype in the Europe-wide research project Shift2Rail to develop a new generation of turnouts.

At the beginning of 2022, after a two-year planning and implementation phase, Getzner Werkstoffe opened a large testing facility for laboratory measurements of elastomers. It is one of the most modern testing facilities in Europe with a maximum force of 160 kN. The tests can be carried out with high precision and provide important data and insights for innovations in the railway sector. The expansion of the laboratory increases the in-house capacity for testing and proof of the high quality standards, enabling the acceleration of development projects.

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