The highlights of KraussMaffei’s Reaction Process Machinery business at the K 2022 were the new compact, highly efficient precisionMixhead mixing head, as well as sustainable production solutions and current application examples from surface technology, profile pultrusion and for processing delicate flame-retardancy fillers.

„‚Make plastic green. With the highest quality and efficiency.‘ is also the principle that underlies our developments in reaction process machinery,“ said Xiaojun Cui, Executive Vice President New Machines. „We are showing the opportunities that reaction process machinery creates for more sustainability in production and products.“ A good example is the aforementioned precisionMixhead. It has been designed for energy efficient PU production and particularly high product quality. Other highlights include functional interior designs with PU surfaces, solutions for processing delicate PU fillers and pultruded chassis profiles for improved performance and reduced consumption in transport vehicles.

According to KraussMaffei, the new design of the precisionMixhead pairs highest precision in mixing quality with maximum availability for polyurethane production. An especially customer-friendly service and repair concept, based on quick changes of wear prone parts, saves time and costs during regular maintenance. Its compact design and a weight reduction of up to 20 % is reflected in simplified handling in production and service.

Furthermore, the company has opened up new areas of application for the pultrusion process with pultrusion technology for production of fiber-reinforced, pultruded profiles. The most recent example are chassis profiles for the customer CarbonTT in Stade. These profiles make small trucks lighter and therefore more efficient. Up to 60 % weight savings in the chassis benefit the load capacity and suitability for electric drives in equal measure.

The ColorForm technology for premium quality surfaces is used in the automotive industry as well as for interiors and exteriors. ColorForm surfaces are not only transparent, high strength and robust – they are also self-restoring. In modern electric cars, touch sensors are increasingly integrated for control systems for function in components with ColorForm surfaces. Production of substrates and surfaces in a single-pass is particularly efficient and sustainable.

For industrial processing of expandable graphite as filler, the company now offers a complete system comprised of a premixing station, mixing and metering machine and mixing head. The automatic premixing station guarantees that the expandable graphite is mixed gently into the polyol, which extends the usability time of the mixture. Less material and higher machine availability enable sustainable production of flame-proof components, such as for use in public transportation, said KraussMaffei.

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