Shoemaking machinery leader King Steel Machinery, German chemical company BASF, and elastomer manufacturer Otrajet have signed a joint development agreement (JDA) to develop energy-saving processes that allow for manufacturing of 100-percent recyclable products.

„After years of development, we have launched NexCell – the world’s first supercritical fluid-foamed elastomer injection solution – to inject energy into circular economies and global sustainable efforts,“ said Jim Chen, General Manager of King Steel. „I’m thrilled to cooperate with BASF and Otrajet on ESG and developing safe, carbon-reducing products to build a sustainable society and ecology.“

King Steel has presented NexCell at K 2022, the world’s largest rubber and plastics exhibition, and demonstrated the process using BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane materials.

Combining expertise in plastic injection machine design, physical foaming, and special polymer elastic materials, the companies‘ manufactured products will meet industry demands in footwear, auto parts, toys, sports gear, and household products, while also providing solutions in carbon neutrality, circular economy, and ESG.

„With the support of King Steel’s NexCell technology, we are confident in the market development of sustainable material solutions using physical foaming processes to replace traditional non-recyclable materials,“ said Kin Wah Chay, Managing Director of BASF Taiwan. „In addition to jointly exploring business opportunities in footwear, sports and leisure industries, we look forward to more collaboration with King Steel on sustainable materials and processes to contribute to the development of circular economy.“

„NexCell foamed elastomer is 100 percent recyclable,“ said Wayne Chen, Development Associate Manager of Otrajet „As the process has cut out chemical cross-linking agents, products can be recycled into raw materials and returned to manufacturing, completing the rubber and plastics industry’s circular economy puzzle.“

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